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Community Preservation Committee Minutes 6/1/2009
Community Preservation Committee
Monday, June 1, 2009 - 4:00 pm
Community Center Meeting Room
Chatham, Massachusetts

Committee Members Present:  Denn, DiCristina, Kaar, Johnson, Reynolds, Small and Taylor
Committee Members Absent:  Oliver

Others present:  Terry Whelan, Town Planner

John Kaar called the meeting to order at 4 pm.  

Item 1.  Additions to Agenda:  Victor DiCristina to distribute new statistics re. CPC activities.  

Item 2.  Minutes:  
Minutes of the May 4, 2009 meeting were approved with the following changes:  
        Change spelling of “Kaar” on page 1.     

Item 3.  Technical Assistance Report and Request
Terry Whelan distributed copies of a letter requesting a one-year extension of this program.  He indicated that advertising for the program as well as other materials (guidelines, checklist and application form) would remain as previously reviewed.  He also stated that Valerie Foster would be responsible for the educational, informational, and qualifications aspects of the program while others may be used as consultants to deal with specific issues such as zoning, housing compliance, code compliance, and construction specifications.  He noted that they would need to issue an RFP to identify consultants for code compliance.  

In discussion it was noted that the RFP should be issued as soon as possible so that consultants can be identified and ready to serve should the situation call for their services.  This is an unusual RFP situation as there is no guarantee that any work will result from responding to the RFP.  

Joyce Reynolds made the following motion, seconded by Cynthia Small:  That the CPC extend the affordable apartment assistance technical support program for a one-year period.  

The motion passed by unanimous vote.  


A.      Town Meeting Results

        A summary of town meeting actions related to CPC programs was distributed.  

B.      St. Christopher’s Stained Glass Window Restoration Application

        It was noted that the Historic Commission reviewed this project and voted to support the window restoration.

C.      Web Page Update

        John Kaar reported that the website has been updated with new committee information.  

D.      Cynthia Stead comment re. “reauthorization” of CPC’s

        John Kaar reported that he has received a response from the CP Coalition re. the need to reauthorize CPC’s.  The response indicated that there is nothing in the act or law that requires re-authorization.  Cynthia Stead’s comments in the Cape Cod Times were most likely the result of confusion about a section of the law which allows for reconsideration and withdrawal from the program.  


A.      Affordable Housing Trust Fund

        John Kaar noted that the AHTF Trustees have met and have authorized $175,000 for a rent buy-down program.  Cynthia Small noted that the Harwich Ecumenical Council on Homeless has sixty rental units which can’t be filled because potential tenants cannot afford the rents.  They are subsidizing rents of current tenants to prevent homelessness.  

        John Kaar noted the need to emphasize urgency when using AHTF funds, as one of the primary advantages of having the AHTF is its ability to act in time-sensitive situations.  

B.      CP Coalition Newsletter
        John Kaar noted that the latest newsletter from the Coalition reported an upswing in real estate activity in March and April which could impact favorably on the “match” for the coming year.  

        Victor DiCristina noted that a State Senator has re-filed CPA legislation that seeks to stabilize the state's CPA Trust Fund and make other improvements to the Community Preservation Act.  One facet of the bill is to set the level of the match at 75% or above; another provision will clarify the use of funds for recreational projects on land which was NOT originally purchased with CPA funds.  

        The Coalition has sent a letter and support form to CPC’s and other organizations, requesting support for the bill.  There was discussion about the use of non-CPC state funds to support CPC activities and whether any funding would come from the state’s general fund and therefore be competing with other needs such as education and public safety.  

        There was discussion about the possibility of supporting part of the bill (dealing with recreational programs), but after more discussion, it was generally agreed that unanimous support of the bill in its entirety was important.  

        Victor DiCristina made the following motion, seconded by Joyce Reynolds:  That the CPC support the passage of Senate Bill 90 by signing and returning the support form.  

        The motion passed by unanimous vote.  


A.      Bob Denn asked about the proposed CCHFA application and how it would benefit the town.  John Kaar responded that the exterior historic preservation of the building was deemed to be a sufficient benefit to the town to justify such a project.  

B.      Railroad Museum – It was noted that the new roof was nearly complete.

C.      CPC Membership – There was brief discussion of upcoming appointments to the committee.  

D.      Joanne Taylor asked about the interpretive sign which is supposed to be near the Small Pox Cemetery in the triangle.  The sign has not yet been installed; the delay in installation is likely due to limited time/staff to oversee the work.    

E.      Victor DiCristina distributed copies of a report listing all CPC projects by year and by program area.  

F.      Calendar:  The next meeting was scheduled for Monday, July 6, 2009.  John Kaar agreed to check with the town regarding the date of the Fourth of July holiday and to notify the committee of a possible cancellation if there is no pressing business.  

G.      Joyce Reynolds notified the committee that she will be resigning when her term is up in July.  The Parks & Recreation Commission has been notified of her pending resignation and need to appoint a replacement on the committee.  

        Corinne Johnson also notified the committee that she will be resigning when her term expires in July.  The Conservation Commission will be naming a replacement for her on the committee.  

        Both Joyce Reynolds and Corinne Johnson were thanked for their years of service on the CPC.  

Item 7:  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 pm.  

Marie Williams
Notes by Marie Williams