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Community Preservation Committee Minutes 2/2/2009
February 2, 2009
Conference Room – Community Center

Committee Members Present:  Chairman Florence Seldin, Vice Chair John Kaar, Corinne Johnson, Robert Oliver, Joyce Reynolds, Robert Denn and Victor Di Cristina

Committee Members Not Present:  Joanne Taylor

Town Officials:  Finance Director Jennifer Petit

Public Attendance:  David Oakley and Norman Pacun of the Historical Society and MaryEllen Sussman of Eldredge Public Library   

Chairman Seldin called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

#109 Preservation of the Nickerson Papers
Mr. Pacun explained that a deed restriction will be placed against the Nickerson papers.  

CPA funding would allow the Historical Society to maintain the records and provide safe and proper storage for them.  

There was much discussion about the possibility of future publication of the papers and the possibility of a windfall profit from them.  And if there was a large windfall, should it be shared somehow because of the initial CPA funding.  Many suggestions were offered, from a percentage of the profits, to simply paying back the original CPA investment.   

Chairman Seldin suggested Mr. Pacun work out a proposal with Attorney A. Litchfield to find the proper wording should a windfall event occur from future publication of the papers.  

#209 Affordable Housing Trust fund transfer $250,000
During the discussion of this application, many members felt that since the Affordable Housing Trustees had not even met since the Trust had been created and therefore not yet using the monies funded in the previous year, just approving the required 10% would be sufficient.  

Mr. Denn had concerns about just funding the Trust with the required amount, in case a housing opportunity came forward, the fully funded Trust would allow for quick approval.  

However, Mr. Kaar felt keeping the funds in an unrestricted reserve account, rather than designating the monies would allow for funding if other types of CPA projects came up.   

The final discussion yielded the recommendation for funding of $100,000, with an acknowledgement that the amount could be increased on Town Meeting floor if necessary.  (Note:  It was determined at the 3-2-09 meeting that it is not possible to increase the amount of any warrant article at Town Meeting.)

#309 Staircase Renovations at Eldredge Public Library
Mrs. Sussman explained that the staircase railings do not appear to be from the original design of the staircase.  The railings, however, will be totally replaced because they are not sturdy enough to comply with building codes.  The railings will be designed to match the architecture.  

Also, Mrs. Sussman said the industrial style painting on the stairs edges was probably put down as a safety measure because of the chipped edge on the stairs.  That will likely not be necessary after the project is complete.   

#409 First Settlers Monument – temporarily withdrawn

#109 – Preservation of the Nickerson Papers $50,000 – Ms. Johnson made a motion to recommend approval of the request on the condition the deed restrictions are worked out.  Mr. Oliver seconded the motion and all voted in favor; 7-0.  
(Mr. Kaar will write description)   

#209 – Affordable Housing Trust Fund Transfer $100,000 - Mr. Kaar made a motion to recommend approval of the request.  Ms. Johnson seconded the motion and all voted in favor; 7-0.  
(Ms. Johnson will write description)

#309 - Staircase Renovations at Eldredge Public Library $34,000 - Mr. Kaar made a motion to recommend approval of the request.   Mr. Di Cristina seconded the motion and all voted in favor; 7-0.  
(Mr. Oliver will write description)

Old Business
Mr. Oliver updated the Committee on the proposal to have a historical materials recycling container at the landfill.  He said all the demolition materials will still be weighed in and paid for as apart of the contractor’s job.  The materials will be available for residents to take as the materials are not allowed to be sold to salvage yards (because of need for RFP).  Access to the materials will be granted through the Historical Commission.  The Chatham Historical Commission (Mr. Oliver) will submit this application providing Mr. Hinchey approves the idea.  

#509 CPA Administrative Budget $15,000 - Ms. Johnson made a motion to recommend approval of $15,000 for CPA administration costs.  Mr. Denn seconded the motion and all voted in favor; 7-0.
(Mrs. Reynolds writes description)
Mr. Kaar suggested extending the technical assistance project a year.  This may need to be re-applied for and go to town meeting for approval.  Discussion will continue next meeting and will ask Mr. Whalen to attend the meeting for his input as well.

The next meeting will be March 2, 2009 and that agenda will include:  a review of project descriptions by Mr. Oliver, updates on emergency generator, library digitizing project and the technical assistance project.

At the March 10, 2009 Board of Selectmen’s meeting, Mr. Kaar will present the approved projects expected to be on the Town Warrant and provide an update of CPC activities.    

Mr. Oliver moves a motion to thank Mrs. Seldin for her huge efforts with the committee and service to Town!  All seconded the motion and all approved the motion!

Mr. Di Cristina made a motion to approve Mr. Kaar as acting Chair.  Ms. Johnson seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

Mr. Denn made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Oliver seconded the motion and all voted in favor to adjourn at 6 pm.  

Respectfully Submitted,
Amanda Love Monahan